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Emprise Logistics, bearing the cast of credibility




With the trend of passing through wind and waves to across the ocean; with the principle of customer first to provide the dedicated service;

视信誉如生命,在商海大潮中, 与您同奏世纪强音!

Taking the credibility as life in the tide of the sea to create the strong tone of the century with!




Emprise International Logistics, formerly known as Ningbo Emprise International Transportation Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, is a comprehensive international logistics company integrating international shipping, NVOCC, project logistics and supply chain management solutions. With the registered capital of 20 million,Emprise Logistics is an international freight forwarding company approved by the State Ministry of Commerce, and the non-vessel carrier approved by the Ministry of Communications.




Emprise Logistics headquarter is in Ningbo, China, with branch offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Jiaxing, Taipei and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. It has more than 500 employees and with over 200,000 TEU each year. At the same time, in Europe, the Mediterranean Sea; the Black Sea, the Middle East, the Red Sea, North America; Central and South America, Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, it has a number of overseas agents, the service network throughout the world, and it can provide maritime and multimodal transport services from all the ports of China for import or export to the rest of the world.



公司经过了多年的快速发展,已经成为了众多主流船公司的核心承运人,其中包括长荣海运(Evergreen Line)、中远海运(COSCO SHIPPING Lines)、现代商船(HYUNDAI Merchant Marine)、美国总统轮船公司(American President Lines)、万海航运(Wan Hai Line)、阿联酋航运(EMIRATES shipping lines)、地中海航運(Mediterranean Shipping Company)、马士基航运公司(Maersk Line)、东方海外货柜航运(Orient Overseas Container Line)、赫伯罗特船务(Hapag-Lloyd)、阳明海运(Yang Ming Marine Transportation)、达飞轮船(CMA CGM)。为超过全球5000多家的客户提供着优质的国际物流服务,其中包括TCL; 格力电器;贵州轮胎;三一重工;艾比森光电等多家全球知名企业。同时我们也为众多的国内外同行提供舱位;运价及清关服务。通过我们对网络及IT的投入,我们还成为了众多国际大型采购商及制造商的长期第三方物流合作伙伴和供应链管理解决方案提供者,是中国国际物流行业率先国际化的代表性企业。是全球物流市场竞争中重要的参与者和引领者。

With years of rapid growth, the company has become the core carrier for many major shipping companies including Evergreen Line, COSCO SHIPPING Lines, HYUNDAI Merchant Marine, American President Lines, Wan Hai Line, EMIRATES shipping lines, Mediterranean Shipping Company, Maersk Line, Orient Overseas Container Line, Hapag-Lloyd, Yang Ming Marine Transportation and CMA CGM. It provides the high quality international logistics services for more than 5,000 customers worldwide, including TCL; Gree; Guizhou Tire; Sany Heavy Industry; Abison Optoelectronics and many other famous enterprises. At the same time, we also provide accommodation, tariffs and customs clearance services for many domestic and foreign counterparts. Through the investment in network and IT, we have also become a long-term third-party logistics partner and supply chain management solution provider for many large-scale international buyers and manufacturers, being the first internationalized representative company in China's international logistics industry, as well as an important participator and leader in the global logistics market competition




A vigorous and enthusiasm team,


The boutique services provided by professional skills




Our team is a highly efficient and diversified group and a learning organization. We have the backbone of highly educated and highly skilled. We have the elite of international logistics industry with many years of experiences. We have the backbone elements that are familiar with the local culture, and we also have industry experts from overseas. We are full of vitality to work steadily! The efficient collaboration allows us to multiply the overall capacity with passionate and full of strength! We are united and confident to work together for the sake of the ideal!




Ningbo Emprise International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive international logistics company integrating shipping, NVOCC, project logistics and supply chain management solutions, with five branches now. Over the past eight years, we have gone through a path of struggle containing wind and rain, and have also composed an entrepreneurship song of accomplishment and dream.




Since the establishment of Ningbo Emprise International Logistics Co., Ltd., it has gone toward the path of specialization to continually move forward.



Since the establishment of Jiaxing Company, it continually to improve the strength and services



Since the establishment of Shanghai Branch, it began to introduce more professional equipment and ideas



Since the establishment of Shenzhen Branch, from the east coast to the south coast, the port has more selections with the better service to the customers.



Since the establishment of Guangzhou Office, it further enhances the strength



Since the establishment of Taipei Branch, it has better service across the Taiwan Strait.



Since the establishment of Vietnam Branch, it has better service in international shipping at abroad.



Over the years, it extensively has close cooperation with the world's major shipping companies, so that we are more able to safely transport all kinds of goods from and around the world.


This is the most economical transportation in the world and Emprise International Logistics has a skilled marine professional team.




Emprise Logistics, your relieved choice



Emprise Logistics contain the international maritime agents; NVOCC and customs clearance, warehousing and transportation, supply chain management and other comprehensive logistics services, with a strong international logistics team of professionals, providing logistics services to all customers, saving logistics costs. We are committed to building a large multinational logistics company.          


       Over the years, we have been working closely with major shipping companies in the world to provide us with more capability to deliver all kinds of goods all over the world.


We have a skilled international shipping team, with the safe delivery of your goods. The entire logistics service is to make you sit back and relax, and we have the professional resources to ensure the smooth flow of goods of all the aspects.




For more than 8 years since its establishment, Emprise Logistics has been serving its customers and with competitive prices and offers in Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, the Middle East, the Red Sea, North and South America, Central and South America, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia. There are more than 10 shipping companies have the direct booking qualifications




The professional supply chain management technology brings you efficient value-added services


We have both highly educated and skilled young backbone, as well as elite with decades of experience in the field of international logistics industry, and we have both the backbone elements that are familiar with the local culture, as well as the returned industry experts from overseas.



The Whole Container Freight Forwarder of Marine Exports Business


NVOCC Business


Supply Chain Management Solutions




We insist that the customer is God, and the satisfaction of customer and success is the most important measure of our performance. With a heart of sincere service, we will ensure that your goods will be delivered on time. Punctuality and trustworthiness is our basic commitment, and perfect service is our pursuit.


      We insist that all employees belong to the family members, of whom the enhancement of professional accomplishments and professional knowledge is the guarantee of the company's wealth growth, the improvement of benefits and living standards is the reflect of the company's achievements.


In particular, we pay attention to the cultivation of employees' sense of belonging, and promote the exchange of heart and heart between leaders and employees through various activities in life. We create a fair and active working atmosphere in work to provide the respected and trusted feeling to each employee.




Business Aim


With the perfect service, we will do our best to help you to be safe all the way and ensure that our service is perfect.




Brand Reputation


Taking the credibility as the company life, do what you say is the basic requirements of the employees. Do not make unnecessary promises, honesty, punctuality, is our most basic requirements.






Qualified service is the lifeblood of the company's development






We will find and develop the most suitable market and strive to achieve the highest share for the company. With the market research every year, we believe that the one that sees the overall situation has the ability to conquer the unpredictable ocean.



尊重人才价值 与员工共成长

Respect the value of talent and grow together with the staff


The staff is our family and the most important asset of the company. From the beginning of the establishment, the company adheres to the principle of "people first" and devotes itself to establishing an elite team with the united, coordinated and efficient execution. We have a complete human resources system, the experienced professionals of all the workers. All departments are working in line with the principle of "unity, cooperation and pragmatic refinement", so as to achieve the efficient, timely, safe and reliable operation standard.



A weather-proof professional team


A vigorous elite team